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Sarnia Sword Club Coaches gain new qualifications

Several Sarnia Sword Club coaches recently gained important new Level 1 and Level 2 coaching qualifications from two British Olympic fencing officials Janet Huggins and Peter Huggins. Peter and Janet have both officiated at fencing events on an international level. These include the London 2012 Olympics, the 2016 Rio Olympics, and Commonwealth Games. “We’re really pleased that we have the opportunity to help improve fencing and coaching in the Channel Islands", says Peter Huggins. “We were both impressed with the coaches’ performances during their training. Our hope is that they can now inspire the next generation of fencers on the island and be ambassadors for the sport locally.”

Seven of the club’s coaches received their Level 1 qualification in Epee, Foil and Sabre. Three of the club’s coaches received their Level 2 qualifications in Foil. Three members of the club also completed an armoury course where they passed the Guild of Armourers examinations to become 'Journeyman' Armourers.

“This training was intended to lift the standard of coaching not just in the Sarnia Sword Club but also throughout the Channel Islands”. says Meyrick Simmonds, the Sarnia Sword Club’s Senior Coach, who has been fencing locally and internationally for over 50 years. “We want our Club to enjoy access to coaching of the highest standard, not just for our existing members but also for any new joiners. Coach education and development is very important for the future development of the fencing in Guernsey. So, I am pleased to see new coaches coming through the ranks.”

The Sarnia Sword Club will run an Adult Taster session at 1930 on Thursday 14th September and a Beginner’s Course from Thursday 21st September from 1930 to 2130. These events will be held at the Beau Sejour Leisure Centre.

The Sarnia Sword Club's Junior section, the Musketeers will also be running their Beginner’s Course for children from ages 10 to 17 years old at 1830 on the 21st September, also at the Beau Sejour Leisure Centre.

Coaches who completed their Foil, Epee and Sabre Level 1: Ian Milner, Georgie Lindsay, Lauren Hallett, Wendy Batiste, Jonny Spicer, Ross Gouarin, and Ross Martel

Coaches who completed their Foil Level 2: Ian Milner Ross Gouarin Ross Martel

Coaches who completed their Guild of Armourers examinations: Lauren Hallett, Ian Milner, and Adam Bonner

S.S.C Coaches Photo Mini.jpg

(left to right) back row: Ross Gouarin, Ross Martel, and Meyrick Simmonds; front row: Lauren Hallett, Wendy Batiste, and Julie Dyer.