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Epée League 16/11/17

Epée League Report The 3rd Epée League evening saw just five fencers take to the piste. One of which was returning fencer Chris, trying epee for the first time in a very long time. She improved throughout the evening and scored hits on everyone except Adam. Blake featured in all the most dramatic and flamboyant bouts. Adam vs Blake resulted in four swordpoints until Adam won. Blake was nearly beaten by Lauren (10:9) finishing on a double hit. Laurens distance, timing and control has markedly improved recently, as has Wendy's and that was also a close finish (10:8 to Wendy). The Battle of the Batistes saw Blake having to claw his way back from Wendy's lead with some excellent wrist hits to win (10:6). It was an enjoyable evening with some fine hits being scored, the best was a hand hit by Chris IMHO.

  • 100: Adam
  • 99: Blake
  • 98: Wendy
  • 97: Lauren
  • 96: Chris

Regards, Adam - Epée League Organiser