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Epée League 5/10/17

Epée League Report The 2nd epee league night was an evening of "firsts". Blake took part in his 1st league this season on return from an injury. He also place 1st in his poule. Another first was Autumn joining us and showing great sabre parries. Ross M was 1st in his poule and overall by a single indicator point, and Keith won his 1st victories of the season. The standout bout for me was Wendy vs Autumn. Precise epee vs sabre ripostes that went to priority and eventually to Wendy 9:8. Ross and Wendy must also have had a good fight as Ross eventually won 8:7 after the time ran out. There were three absentees and both Ross G and Meyrick decided to practice foil ahead of the Navy match.

  • 100: Ross M
  • 99: Blake
  • 98: Adam
  • 97: Keith
  • 96 : Wendy
  • 95: Paul
  • 94: Autumn
  • 93 : Lauren

Regards, Adam - Epée League Organiser