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Foil League 23/11/17

Foil League Results

Meyrick Simmonds, a veteran fencer with the Sarnia Sword Club, regained some of his former strong form in winning the Club’s November Foil League. He encountered last month’s winner, Luke Milner, in the first fight of the evening, and brushed aside his young opponent by 5 hits to 1. For the rest of the evening, he only suffered one close defeat to Ross Gouarin in a bruising encounter, by 4 hits to 5. Otherwise, he emerged from the evening undefeated. Milner’s only defeat of the evening to Simmonds put him level with the latter on victories. But because of this loss, he lost his grip on the lead in this month’s league by the margin of only two hits to his older rival. Ross Gouarin, an improving fencer, lost to Milner, and to the Club’s top female fencer, Julie Dyer. His remaining three victories, and a better hit margin over Dyer, earned him third place for the evening. Julie Dyer, fencing with her usual competence and skill, almost defeated Simmonds and succumbed to Milner by 5 hits to 3. Otherwise her three victories earned her fourth place in this month’s competition. They also served to maintain her overall position in this season’s Foil League standings as the Club’s leading female fencer. Lauren Hallett, who has only been fencing for little more than one season, is steadily becoming more and more competent in her new sport. Her new-found skill earned her one victory, and fifth place for the evening ahead of Wendy Batiste.

In the overall standings for the League’s first three competitions of this fencing season, Luke Milner remains the League’s top fencer. However, Meyrick Simmonds’ success in his month’s competition has brought him to within one point of Milner’s lead, with everything to play for in the remaining Foil League competitions. Ross Gouarin remains anchored in third place, with Julie Dyer in fourth place as the League’s leading lady fencer. Ross Martel’s absence from his month’s competition has seen him slip down the rankings to fifth place, ahead of Lauren Hallett and Wendy Batiste, in sixth and seventh places respectively.

With three out of seven Foil League monthly competitions now complete, the Sarnia Sword Club’s foilists will now take a well-earned break over the Christmas season. They will return to the piste in late January 2018 to continue the four remaining Competitions of this fencing season, with all medals still to be won.

League Results

  • Luke Milner - 99
  • Meyrick Simonds - 100
  • Ross Gouarin - 98
  • Julie Dyer - 97
  • Lauren Hallett - 96
  • Wendy Batiste - 95

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