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Sabre League 02/11/17

Battle commenced as the first Sabre League of 2017 took place on Thursday at Beau Sejour. The sabre differs from the other modern fencing weapons, the épée and foil, in that it is possible to score with the edge of the blade; for this reason, sabreur movements and attacks are very fast. The league competitors were made up of foilists and epeeists, but all of whom embraced the cut and thrust of the weapon. Lauren Hallett and Ross Gouarin, both foilists, took first to the piste and after remembering to make cutting actions and not hitting with the point, both were making strong attacks and good use of footwork. Gouarin took the first scalp 10-6.Battle of the Presidents were next on, with current club President Ross Martel crossed swords with his predecessor Adam Bonner. The fight was the closest of the evening as both fencers traded fits all the way to sword point 9-9, Martel taking victory 10-9 with one final attack. Hallett and Bonner were next on the piste and Hallett, now having to make long attack’s against her giant opponent fenced well to reach her highest score of the evening, but alas was not able to beat Bonner, final score 10-7.On to the Ross and Ross show. Both fencers traded hits to 6-6 and demonstrated well timed parries. Martel edged his opponent with taking victory 10-6 Bonner and Gouarin proved the fusion of Sabre mixed with Epee defensive actions and Foil attacks. Bonner taking victory 10-6.Final fight of the was Martel and Hallett which straight out of Pirates of the Caribbean, both fencers making wild attacks and strong defensive blocks, it was a fitting end to the evening. Martel winning 10-3.

  • Ross Martel –10
  • Adam Bonner – 9
  • Ross Gouarin -8
  • Lauren Hallett - 7

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