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Epée League 21/09/17

Thank you to all who came to our Musketeers Free Taster as well as our first night of Introduction to Fencing for Adults. We had a fantastic turnout and we hope to see you all again very soon. The opening round of the 2017/18 Epée League saw some extremely close swordplay with 9 of the expected 12 fencers. Adam was top seed by virtue of winning the previous seasons league. The remaining fencers were selected at random by Wendy on the night into two poules. We fought to 10 hits over two periods of 3 minutes. Overall there were four fencers who secured 3 victories each and were separated by indicators. Three bouts in poule 1 went to sword point (2 involved Andy) and all the bouts needed the second period of fencing time, such was the level of competition.

Epée League Standings

  • 100 : Adam
  • 99 : Ross G
  • 98 : Ross M
  • 97 : Meyrick
  • 96 : Paul
  • 95 : Andy
  • 94 : Wendy
  • 93 : Lauren
  • 92 : Keith

Epee League 1.1.jpg